immersed in music

straight to the heart

Immersed Life Radio playing hip-hop, edm, and rap, 24/7. Artists from all over the world with a heart for Jesus and a love for music have been uniquely sourced to create an immersive music experience that goes straight to the heart………

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immersed in art

finding God in the unorthodox

Art is realization of that which is unseen; it is the bridge that taps us into the Divine. God is a creating God and speaks to us in every form of art possible; are you listening? Join Immsersed as we dive into all the senses in search of the presence of God.

The one behind it all

veronica briseno

Immersed all began as a passion project from artist and minister, Veronica Briseno, who sought to create a space where one can experience God in every creative avenue possible, starting with music……….

Veronica is an ordained minister with a heart to create spaces for the church and the world to bond through our indwelt divine creativity.

Music and art have always been a means to get closer to God and at some point the church called it taboo. May we as a whole fall back in love with “In the beginning God created”

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