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What is Immersed life Radio?

Immersed Life is not-your-typical christian radio station. It’s radio for every vibe. From chill Lofi, hip-hop, edm, and rap, 24/7 we got you covered. Artists from all over the world with a heart for Jesus and a love for music have been uniquely sourced to create an immersive music experience that goes straight to the heart.

I know “Christian Hip hop” gross. Well I have been in the buisness since the genres’ early years and I agree it was pretty bad but it’s 2024 and this world of music has come A LONG WAY. Luckly for you I have already done the hard work weeded out the cheesy and I am here to bring you that good music or as some have said “This sounds like real music.” Lol #IYKYK

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What’s playing when???


Lofi has been making some pretty big waves in the music industry. It is known for having a way of creating nostalgic atmospheres.

9am -1pm daily

(worship 4am-9am daily)

Hip hop

Our Hip Hop sessions are mix of hype and rap. We have a wide variety including reggaetón for our Latin crowd.

1- 6 pm daily     6-9pm SN-M-W-F

9pm-4am T-TH-ST  

EDM/ house

This is quite a broad spectrum of music. We have deep house, trance, EDM and more. All that great music to get the party going.

6-9pm T-TH-ST

9pm-4am SN-M-W-F

Featured Artists

Learn a little more about some of our fav musicians

Cass Kanda

Meet Cass or as I like to refer to her as the Queen of Christian Lo-fi. Her music has a way of taking you to a place of peace and oneness. She has found that magic sauce of sweet and vibey.

Miles Minnick

Welcome to the room Miles Minnick. If you don’t know him you need to. Newest to the game capturing that yay area in every beat. Perfect for that “I just clocked out” ride home hype!

Chris Howland

Chris Howland your gateway drug to EDM. Chris howland has the best mix of edm and hip hop perfect to livin any atmosphere. Deep house, EDM, and dance hes got you covered.